1. I'm One
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I went down to the water
To lay my worries down
I couldn't find a friend
And I didn’t hear a sound

In the silence over me
I thought I heard my voice
She told me I was free
She said I had a choice

A giant slate-blue crane
lifted slowly into flight
And I feel that I have changed
Struggling off into the light

And I wanted you to see
How strong I had become
Alone here by the sea
Emboldened by the sun

I’m One

I went down to the garden
Where my struggles grow
A tangled web of half-truths
I didn’t want to know

And the loneliness for peace
I long to know for sure
Behind every broken promise
Beyond every open door

I’m One

And I could never
lay my head down where I belong
I could never find a home

Find a home
Find a home

Find a home
Find a home
Find a home